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The Art, Talent & Science of the Sales Presentation

The customer has numerous buying sources and extensive product information available. This makes selling more competitive and challenging. However, the decision is basic: what is best for me and my money (investment)?

The sales presentation is the catalyst.

The successful sales associate combines art, talent, and science in his presentation.

  •  As an artist, the sales associate creates the image for the customer to relate to the products use.
  •  As a talent, the sales associate gets the attention of the customer by engaging in a dialogue to develop trust and confidence in the information.
  •  As a scientist, the sales associate has extensive product knowledge and data to present to the customer.

Easy !!!!??????  What is your company sales success rate????

Selling strategies are learned from experience and knowledge. Customers make decisions on experience and knowledge. The ability to communicate between the sales associate and the customer is the key to successful selling.

There are four types of customers. Each requires a different selling message for the same product.
Professional selling creates the message that is an opportunity and reward for everyone.

Salesmanship Begins When the Customer Says No

Salesmanship and professional selling are synonymous concepts. Professional selling is a communication between a customer and a sales associate that encompasses respect, trust and confidence in the exchange of information.
The sales presentation begins with an introduction – just 3-5 sentences to stimulate the interest and establish the discussion. It is an extremely crucial part of the presentation –  one only gets one shot at making the first impression. Successful sales people don’t just sell products, they sell themselves.  Since the customer and the sales associate each have one of four different personality types, it takes skill and talent to properly communicate. Salespeople must examine their personalities, determine their strengths and weaknesses, and learn to adapt to other personality types swiftly. Successful strategic selling requires determination and awareness of emotions which can interfere with the process. The pain of rejection and rewards of sales success are constant companions that require balance. The salesperson must be knowledgeable of his product, be determined, resourceful, and resolute. Ability to adapt to any situation, and lead a swift exchange of information is what distinguishes a great sales person from all the others.
Not every customer can be sold every time, a sincere professional effort is the only true way to maximize sales and provide most benefit to the customers and the sales associates alike.